Euroasia Fruit BV

Providing fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables throughout Europe

About Us

The headquarter of Euro Asia fruit is based in Madrid, Founded in 2008, sinds december 2020 we started our Branch office (Warehouse) in Poeldijk in the Netherlands, a Country known as the "Vegetable Garden of Europa╦Ł. Thanks to the excellent location, the good port resources and the close contacts of The Netherlands with Asia and Latin America, as well as the professional operations and scientific management of our company, Euroasia Fruits has extended its sales network to several European countries and has become the main supplier for the vegetable and fruit market of the Asian community in Europe. In addition to being the first choice for Chinese supermarkets, our brand is increasingly trusted and preferred by end consumers.

During all these years in the fruit and vegetable wholesale industry, the group of Euroasia Fruits never forgets its initial mission. We have always been aiming to bring the taste of the homeland to the Chinese in Europe and to provide fresh fruits and vegetables of Asia and Latin America for the European market at reasonable prices. Our distribution categories include edible mushrooms, tropical fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables and root vegetables.

Currently, Euroasia Fruits has established a long-term strategic alliance with partners in many Asian and Latin American countries, including China, Colombia, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Dominica, Honduras, South Korea, Japan, etc., to thus form an efficient and high quality supply chain system and to improve its market share and control. Likewise, our company has created several own or cooperative perennial planting bases of leafy vegetables in Europe, so that we are able to satisfy European consumers with vegetables and fruits as quickly as possible.

In the future, Euroasia Fruits will continue to work hard to provide fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables throughout Europe and to achieve its development plan for the next period.